How to correctly place a heater

Where you place your heaters has influence on how efficiently they heat the room. So if you bear in mind a couple of simple rules, you can save electricity, money and the environment through efficient heating.
How to correctly place a heater

1. Under a window

Heaters are best placed under windows. If you do not have the space for panel heaters, you can also choose wall strip panel heaters, which are lower and longer variants. By placing heaters under the windows, you heat up cold air descending from the window glass, and avoid cold draughts along the floor.

2. Do not cover heaters with furniture

If you put furniture in front of a heater, the circulation of heat around the room will be obstructed. Plan carefully where furniture should stand when positioning heaters to ensure good distribution of heat and do not use more electricity than necessary.

3. Several small heaters provide a more even heating than a single one with high watt effect

If you have a very big room, it’s worth using several sources of heat. If you choose several small heaters, the heat is spread to different parts of the room, avoiding having to turn up a single heater too high.

4. Mounting on a wall

Panel heaters should generally be mounted minimum 10 cm from the floor and have 10 cm clear space in front to other objects, such as a sofa. You will find a template and mounting guide in the lid of the packaging with clear instructions on how to mount the heater on a wall.