Our best-selling models come with integrated Wi-Fi, so that you can control our heaters easily via the Glamox Heating Wi-Fi app, directly on your smartphone. You can quickly adjust the temperature in your home and office for a single room or single heater with a single click.

Adax heaters with Wi-Fi – part of your smart home!

Today, we control much of our daily lives by phone. With the Adax Wi-Fi app, you enjoy full control and can easily check or change the temperature in your home – even on a room to room basis.

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Main features of the app:

  • Use the Adax WiFi app for all your ‘Homes’ (house, cabin, apartment)
  • Unlimited number of heaters, smart plugs and rooms at each location.
  • Set up weekly plans for temperature adjustment or smart plugs (lamps) in your home to suit your own routines.
  • Check your weekly/monthly power consumption for each ‘home’ and room.
  • Invite family/friends to control conditions at your home or cabin.
  • Activate child safety mode to prevent manual temperature adjustment options on your heaters.
  • Integration with other smart house solution + Adax user API.
Terms and Conditions - GDPR


  • Overview of all your ‘Homes’: House, Cabin, Apartment, Work.
  • Overview of all the rooms in a ‘Home’; adjust the temperature in each individual room.
  • Tap each ‘Room’ to see the relevant products and settings for that room. See the next picture for details.
  • Activate “Away mode”, setting the desired temperature for the whole house when you are not at home.
  • ‘Overview’ shows lists over Homes, Rooms, Products and Energy Consumption.
  • ‘Account’ gives the details of your account, links to Q&A and third party integration.

Room/zone details

  • Adjust temperature.
  • Weekly plan: Add, edit and activate weekly plans for automatic adjustment of temperature – comfort temperature, lower temperatures at night and temperature when away.
  • Show measured/actual room temperature in the room.
  • Power consumption – read off power consumption for each week or month.
  • Products: List of products linked to the room. Click on each product for more details.
  • Other settings linked to the room. See the next picture for details.
  • Add more products in selected room.

Settings for a room (Edit)

  • ‘Child lock’: locks the thermostat so that no one can adjust the temperature manually via buttons on the heater.
  • ‘Adaptive start’: allows the app to activate heating so the desired temperature is reached at a given time.
  • ‘Open window detection’: automatically sinks the temperature to 7 degrees during airing, when the button is activated.
  • ‘Calibrate heaters’ temperature’: adjusts deviations to the correct temperature.
  • ‘Temperature monitoring’: gives a warning when the temperature deviates from the given settings.

Account page

  • My profile: Display and edit your account information.
  • My homes: Displays all ‘Homes’; add more homes (cabin, office); invite family/friends to adjust the temperature/heaters.
  • Help: Link to support – manuals and contact us.
  • Integrations: list of smart house integrations + Adax user API.
  • App version and Account ID, Log out or terminate account.

Your overview

  • Overview: Displays all your Homes, products and which room the various products are placed in/linked with.
  • Home, name of product and where the products are placed can be updated on this page.
  • Click on a product to change the name of a product or its placement (the room or zone it belongs to, for example).
  • Under ‘Homes’, you have access to Power consumption – totals for all rooms per week or month.

Schedules – heating

  • Visual overview of weekly heating plan.
  • Edit: See the desired time for each day of the week as to when you want ‘away’, ‘home’ and ‘sleep’ temperatures. Set the desired temperature for each ‘mode’ as you wish.
    • Home – Set the desired comfort temperature for when you are at home.
    • Away – Set the time and temperature for reduced daytime temperature.
    • Sleep – Set the time and temperature for reduced night-time temperature.

Power consumption

  • Power consumption – Displays graphs and details via the ‘Room’ display or via ‘Overview’ and House.
  • Enter the wattage of the oven for the correct calculation of consumption.
  • Visual overview of power consumption per day, week and month.

Glamox Heating app

Download our Glamox Heating Wi-Fi app in Google Play for Android phones, or from App Store for Apple iPhones (via iTunes).