Our best-selling models come with integrated Wi-Fi, so that you can control our heaters easily via the Glamox Heating Wi-Fi app, directly on your smartphone. You can quickly adjust the temperature in your home, for a single room or single heater with a single click.

Save electricity with customised weekly programs

The weekly program in the Glamox Heating Wi-Fi app lets you define a plan for heating your home hour by hour – for the entire week. That helps you save electricity during the periods you are not home.


Tips when connecting to Wi-Fi

Under connection, and any subsequent updates, it is important that both the panel heater and the smartphone with the Glamox Heating Wi-Fi app are on the same network and that the router is set up with 2.4 GHz and WPA2. The network can be changed to 5 GHz if you want it when connection is completed.

If the panel heater has previously been connected to the network and needs to be reconnected, they must be reset and removed from the Glamox Heating Wi-Fi app before you can re-connect. We recommend that you turn on and connect only one panel heater at a time. The heater can also be used without connection to the Wi-Fi app by manual regulation of the product.

See the detailed Glamox Heating Wi-Fi app ANDROID

See the detailed GlamoxHeating Wi-Fi app iOS


Last ned appen på din smarttelefon

Download our Glamox Heating Wi-Fi app in Google Play for Android phones, or from App Store for Apple iPhones (via iTunes). To follow is a guide with recommendations on how to use the app to adjust the heating in your home.


Home menu

Here you will find a complete list of zones you can browse through and adjust temperature. A zone can be a room of an entire home – it’s up to you, as you choose which heaters you want to connect to any of them.

Zone settings

You can choose temperatures for the various settings in your weekly program.

You can choose between the following settings:
Comfort: Perfect for the periods you are home
Reduction: Reduces the temperature when you are not using the room or your home
Frost protection: Perfect for when you are away from home for longer periods
OFF: Heater goes into standby mode and will not heat up

You choose the temperature for each setting yourself. Using an energy-saving weekly program for your home will have a big effect on your electricity bill.

Weekly program

You can choose from a range of weekly programs for different homes – one for your holiday cabin the other for home perhaps. You can also compose your own weekly program for when you are rarely home or going away for a longer period.

Set the program up according to your own routine to ensure everything is warm and comfortable when you are home, and save the environment and money on unnecessary electricity consumption when you are away.