3001 Thermostats

3001 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth thermostat 230/400V

3001 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth thermostat 230/400V

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth thermostat 230/400V 

Optional thermostat for the Glamox Heating 3001 TPA /TLO. 

  • WiFi & Bluetooth - easy setup in app
  • 5-year warranty 
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Product information

3001 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth thermostat 230/400V

WiFi & Bluetooth thermostats can either be controlled via the Glamox Heating WiFi app, when connected to the network, or manually directly on the thermostat.
If the temperature is adjusted manually on the radiator while it is connected to WiFi, the app will be updated and synchronised accordingly. 

Manual control: 

  1. Adjust the temperature manually on the radiator using + and – for the desired temperature.
  2. Activate child lock.
  3. Switch off display light (see user guide). 

When connecting to Glamox Heating WiFi: 

  1. Set up weekly schedules (day and night turn-down)
  2. Full control over radiators and temperature by room and home (house, hut, apartment) wherever you are in the world
  3. Activate “Holiday” mode, set all radiators in the house to a given temperature for a given period. 

Read more about functions and services for the Glamox Heating WiFi app under the WiFi section. 

  • 5-year warranty 

3001 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth thermostat 230/400V


Product advantages

  • Updated version with Bluetooth for simple installation on WiFi network and phone.
  • Easy to replace
  • Requires a 2,4GHz Wi-Fi network – Mesh network with combined 2,4 and 5GHz on router/access point works fine.


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