H40 H60 Thermostats

H40/H60 SLX slave module

H40/H60 SLX slave module

H40/H60 SLX slave module 230/400V 

SLX slave module 230/400V for the Glamox Heating H40 and H60 range. 

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Product information

The SLX slave module is a plug-in module. It is converting standard Glamox Heating H40/H60 radiators to pure slave radiators. 

Adjustments are made from a centrally-located room thermostat, either mechanical or electronic. When the central room thermostat cuts in or our, the radiators with SLX will comply. 

The central room thermostat must be dimensioned to withstand the total output to be adjusted.  

  • 5-year warranty  

Item no. white 910026
Item no. black 910027

H40/H60 SLX slave module