News – 3001 WiFi & Bluetooth thermostat

Our new WiFi & Bluetooth thermostat for the 3001 series is easy to install and connect to your WiFi.
News - 3001 WiFi & Bluetooth thermostat

3001 TPA/TLO has been Glamox Heating’s best-selling radiator for many years. Now it is also available with a WiFi & Bluetooth thermostat! It is easy to change the thermostat, so you can easily upgrade from previous electronic or digital thermostats.

The WiFi & Bluetooth thermostats can either be controlled via the Glamox Heating WiFi app when connected to the network, or manually directly on the thermostat. It has a simple setup and supports several smart house integrations such as Google Home, Tibber, Athom Homey etc.

With functions that allow you to set up weekly plans and control the oven from wherever you are, you also save money on your electricity bill. There are more good reasons to save electricity than economics. Both the environment and the indoor climate benefit from you reducing your electricity consumption.

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